The title The Phantom hints at the themes explored in this project: space, time, hybrids between the natural and the artificial, people’s self-perception and how they are seen by their environment, and the distortions of space effected by the human gaze.

One central inspiration for the nascent work was pyrite, a crystalline iron compound whose cubic natural form can seem quite artificial. To our mind, the crystal is a physical representation of time, which changes not only man but also his environment. The result, an oversized pyrite-like structure composed of mirrored surfaces, constitutes an anomaly in space that fractures the normal perspective we are familiar with.

This distortion suspends the conventional conception of space and challenges the viewer to recombine the reflective elements to form a new whole. The object goes into hiding, blending into its surroundings, while inviting the viewer to play a game of perception. 


This exhibition was a part of the project “eyes on” European Month of Photography 2016.