Matteo Placucci: Reflected Nature – Considerations on the Climate Change Issue

1.09.2023 – 15.09.2023 

A plant meets a window-reflected sunshine and projects its shadow over a wall; that shadow sidedly remember how much the Nature is present even in the most cemented city. The overurbanisation addiction will drive the human kind to forget what important role Nature is playing in the human being survival.

Due to the increase of carbon dioxin and consequently to the greenhouse effects, absurdly the Sun is moving from being the primary source of life on Hearth, to become the major threat for the planet. Plants, which depend on it, strongly undeterred continue to live even in the most hostile and urbanised environments, producing vital oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide present in the air. As recently shown, if nature activities stop to be affected by the human actions, nature will easily take back all its grabbed areas.

This serie born in Basel in 2020, simply aims to raise awareness in the observer, to make him
reflect on the important role of ecology and on the incumbent issue of the climate change.


– Matteo Placucci

Production: Zigutamve Photography