60 Greetings
30. November 2017

60 Greetings

…is a personal homage to the art of postcard, to the physical form and many peculiarities of this outdated mean of communication. It’s a love poem to obsolescence, to many things and inventions we still use, aware their expiry date is just around the corner. The world of postcards is simple, naive and straightforward. The chosen motive, a geographical location whose charms are being hailed, borders on banality. It is a rectangular world, unambiguous and plane, suggesting reliable and permanent reality, solid as the landscape it depicts. As such, postcards are metaphors of generalizations and cultural commonplaces. With “ 60 greetings” I attempted a more personal touch. In addition, postcards are vehicles of affection and testimonies of amicable intimacy. And that’s how some of my family and friends ended up as their motives.


Artist Bio

Uroš Miloradović born in Belgrade 1974. Graduate of comparative literature from the University of Belgrade. Ex journalist turned librarian. Makes photos in Vienna, Austria.

Web: olosh.net


Opening of the exhibition: 6. Dec. 2017, 7:30 p.m. 

Exhibition: 7.-10.Dec. 2017

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